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Mancini's happy but cautious after 1-6 win over United

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Manchester City's boss Roberto Mancini expressed his joy for the astonishing 1-6 win over United: "of course I'm satisfied with the result. We played very well, as we did in past games. It's different because we faced Manchester United, but in the end this are just three points."

When asked about the man of the match, he said that "today, Mario Balotelli played very well. He is young and he can make some mistakes, but he played really well. Fans like him because he is crazy, and he really is a good guy".

"This victory is important for our confidence, to ensure the idea that we are a good team. But I think that in the game, because Manchester United showed a great mental strength. In fact, United played better than us for 20 minutes." he concluded"

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Manchester City demolished United 1-6 at the Old Trafford

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Mancini's side achieved a victory with no precedent. Manchester City crushed Manchester United 1-6 at the Old Trafford and gave Sir Alex Ferguson the "worst day of his career".

"Super Mario" Balotelli and Edin Dzeko netted two great goals each. Sergio Agüero and David Silva completed the historic win at United's home.

Darren Fletcher scored the only goal for the "Red Devils", and even though it was a brilliant one, that was not enough to avoid one of the most terrible loses in Manchester United's history.

Jonathan Evans saw the red card at the beginning of the second part and this fact helped Manchester City dominate the offensive actions.

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